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Logo Designing
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When starting a business one of the most important things often placed on the back burner is the design of your logo.  Often it is because the business owner feels it should be so simple to whip something up that represents his service or products.  Any designer worth his salt knows this is not the case.  After all, your logo if the signature of your brand and as your business grows becomes a valuable asset.

A logo that is well designed is one that reflects your business and communicates to the public your message.  It needs to be unique, simple, versatile and memorable.  There are steps one should go through when deciding on a logo.

  • Budget – Figure out how much you are willing to spend. As in all professions you get what you pay for although price should not be your only consideration.
  • Designers – Do your due diligence when investigating designers. Ask friends, search the internet, read reviews
  • Pick a designer – Once the field is narrowed review their client history and see what they have created for others. Make sure they explain the process and once satisfied make sure you have a contract giving you the copyrights once final payment is made.
  • Presentation – The designer should present choices to you so you can pick the one that reflects your business message.
  • Delivery – Once final payment is made make sure you get resizable vector files rather than raster images which can become pixelated when enlarged.

At FLS we have you covered and our customer satisfaction proves it.  Your logo is your brand and we take it very seriously.