Who We Are ?

Who Are We ?

We are a team of energetic and highly dedicated professionals having more than a decade’s experience in the field of MR and Lead generation services. Our desire is to explore innovation and provide end-to-end services with the best quality data to all our trusted partners. This is the key factor that drives us each day of the year.

Our team of experienced research analysts is skilled to execute all type of campaigns across different target audience and geographies. FLS has their in-house center to execute campaigns in more than 30+ countries using native speakers.

Our strong leadership team and the employees lead us to deliver very high quality service. Keeping in mind the 3 basis metrics for any campaign for both FLS and our clients:

  • Quality

  • On-Time-Delivery

  • Price

FLS has the skills to program low to high complexity surveys using different programming tools (confirmIT, NEBU, decipher etc), All our programmers are certified to run programs using the above tools. We are pioneered in data mining and are experts in obtaining high quality data using various advanced techniques. It is usually executed to collate the existing data to enforce existing knowledge and to understand the industry trends to formulate the research design.
FLS offers a wide range of business solutions like SWOT Analysis of Businesses, Syndicated Research, Competitive Research, Market Reports etc. FLS provides services to global IT enabled companies along with technology across segments. Our experience team of Lead generation associates is pioneered in providing end to end lead generation services which has gained confidence in over 100+ companies. We use various methods to generate leads some of them are Telemarketing, Email and Digital channels to deliver high quality leads BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Time) Qualified Leads.

New technology has changed almost everything about the traditional office equipment (copier) industry, and for all practical purposes it no longer exists. The new Information Industry has emerged because of the technology of convergence. The primary driver of convergence of different forms of information is technological change, specifically the rapid diffusion of digital technology into an ever-wider array of information businesses. Beyond digitization, dramatic changes in computing and telecommunications industries (mainly in faster microprocessors and increasing bandwidth) are also driving convergence.

FLS will make convergence the theme of its vision, planning, and marketing strategies. We will move into the new Information Industry's technology with the aim of bringing the most efficient workflow solutions to our clients while providing value-added customer support and service, and earning a reasonable profit in the process.