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Most times, plain lists don't cut it, along with information, you need intelligence in order to understand your prospect and market effectively. List acquisition is good if you can relate easily with the decision makers by job titles. But sometimes, job titles don't tell much about the particular role a certain person play within an organization. There may be several contacts within an organization with the same job title. For instance, there could be several Directors of IT or Managers in an established technology services company.

In order to achieve positive results, your requirement rests on identifying the right person within an organization who is responsible for taking decisions that will affect the buying of your products and services. However, standard lists do not provide all of this information, you will need someone to call and help identify the person who is responsible for that specific role. This is where we step in, with B2B Lead generation you
will have the right database of B2B contacts.

B2B Lead generation provides phone-based B2B contact discovery services. Our team of highly experienced researchers will handle the process for you. We make hundreds of calls daily to talk to multiple people in different companies to find out one or two particular individuals responsible for that role you are on the lookout for. Our service includes Role and Title based discovery service to help identify the right decision makers for you. All our leads are 100% accurate and phone verified as well as available on a pay for performance pricing.
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Our team of researchers has over seven years of experience in the line. We are also proficient in providing foreign projects, we have foreign researchers in our team and they have delivered many projects successfully several foreign languages. Also, if you require additional information on your prospect, our discovery services will be very helpful. We are proficient in prospects profiling to get you accurate information you require for prospecting. We carry out all this without having to reveal our client's identity.

We pride our self in providing quality service and we are confident no other seller can match our service standard because we are highly obsessed with top quality service.

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